Presents For The Grandparents

Grandchildren love their grandparents. The grandparents will be around to watch their offspring’s offspring grow and will teach them things of their age. It might be difficult to get something for them as they have everything they need. Gifting something that will be closer to the heart is the best thing. So here is a list of a few gifting ideas that will help you decide what to get.

A basic photo album

Basic will never go wrong. Create a photo album with photographs and customised captions with the date. Try creating a timeline with the photographs as you go along. This is a very sentimental piece of work. This is one of the best gifts for grandparents that a grandchild can give.

Cover art

There are services that will help take the child’s art and create it into cover art on notebooks, calendars and diaries. You can even use it on your basic photograph album. Your grandma will be admiring your art while scribbling the grocery list on.

Little photo ornaments

Capture the face of a grandchild from side view and edit them to be silhouettes. Use these photographs to create christmas tree ornaments for the grandparents’ tree. As all the offspring grow up, you can play a game and try to guess who each person in the photograph is.

Matching mittens

Get matching mittens for yourself and the grandmother or the grandfather and stroll hand in hand on a snowy day.


Grandmothers love a lot of trinkets. Get her a charm bracelet with each of the grandchild’s name engraved on the charm. You can present it to her in your personalised toy box just to show that you have put a lot of thought into it.

Long distance love

If you live in another country away from your parent’s parents, call them through skype and have a little chat for a few minutes. Having a chat with them will only make your relationship stronger and when you meet, it will feel as if you have never been apart.

Garden accessories

If your grandmother or grandfather loves gardening, here is the perfect gift – have your names and the rest of the grandkids ‘names on rocks. The rocks or pebbles should be visible and can be placed either on the garden or inside the house as decorations.


There are quilt kits available that will let you bring together pieces that will kindle memories shared together. You can pick out the material and start cracking on it by following the instructions.

Now pick one of the above gift ideas and get cracking to make your grandparents smile!