Smart Printing Tips For Home And Office

No matter how advanced the technology may become, demand and preference of humans for printed paper material will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. From household shopping lists to major cooperate agreements, we resort to quality printed paper. Therefore, we must learn on how the costs and resources related to this integral process reduce as much as possible in order to make the ultimate output of the process productive. Here are a few ways in which you can intelligently dodge some of the costs associated with this process.


This may sound a little too obvious, yet we often forget to take the time to see what the document looks like before we press that print button. You may have come across several such situations where the contents of the printed material looked nothing like what you wanted it to be and had to throw the whole thing away. If previewed properly, such wasteful events will not occur as often and several dollars spent on ink, paper and electricity will disappear from your expenses.

Repair and Care

Printers, especially in an office environment will be used for several hours without any rest on a busy day of work. Such a machine is easily prone to damage and malfunctioning which may occur during usage.

Therefore, proper care must be given at all times to ensure efficient functioning of the machine. In addition to changing the affordable printer ink cartridges when the old ones run out of ink, constantly inspect the condition of the machine and if any faults are noticed, contact your repair service provider and halt the usage of the machine till the problem is fixed.

Eco Fonts

Eco fonts are a special type of fonts which will reduce the usage of ink in a document by the inclusion of a negative space in each letter, having no impact whatsoever on a reader’s ability to read it. Unless you are printing high contracts letters of images on a good high gloss photo paper, there’s always the use these fonts to significantly lower the costs associated with the ink.

Double-sided Printing

Whenever possible, use both sides of the paper for printing in order to reduce the usage of paper per each activity by half. Such economic behavior will have many financial benefits on your office or household on the long run. In addition to the reduced costs, you will also be doing your part for the environment through the ecofriendly, reduced paper usage. It’s a win-win!