Steps You Can Take To Maintain your Spa

There is nothing quite like relaxing against the walls of a warm, bubbly spa as the water jets massage your back and tickle your toes. Perhaps you enjoy a good book, a good beer, or both, as you soak away the cares of the world. However, without the proper care and attention, this oasis of luxury can soon take the form of a festering swamp. So, here’s a few simple steps you can take to maintain your spa against common spa epidemics.

First, you will need a usable spa heater. Then spa cover, this cover prevents possible leaves, twigs, insects and other such objects from entering the water. The cover also contains the heat while you are not using your spa, cutting the cost of the electricity needed to heat it. The cover will need to be replaced if it becomes waterlogged, mouldy, or starts to disintegrate.

Secondly, you will need to make sure your mechanical spa parts are in working order.
You can start by checking your spa filter. Most spa filter canisters can only perform to their fullest potential for 6-12 months. You will need to replace your cartridge if you are experiencing cloudy or smelly water, loss of motor suction, jet blockages, heater malfunction and error messages, or any bodily rash or sore eyes.

You will also need to check your spa pump. Your pump is responsible for sucking the used water into the filter, and then discharging the clean spa water. Symptoms of pump failure can include humming noises if there is a malfunction in the motor, impeller or starting capacitor, whining noises from badly worn bearings, and leaks and puddles below the pump can be an indication of the failure of pump seals. If your pump is two or three years old, you should consider replacing the entire pump. However, you can get away with replacing the individual components of the pump.

The parts of your spa are not the only elements that need to be kept in shape; your spa water needs appropriate care and attention as well. Water can be changed either every three to four months, or you can remove and replace approximately one third of your water every three to four weeks. Spa chemicals, including spa chlorine and bromine, must be used to sanitise and purify your water. These chemicals stop bad odours, algae and bacteria from growing inside your spa. To test the levels of chemicals in your spa, use a spa test strip and add chemicals accordingly. Very importantly, never add water to chemicals. Always add the chemicals to water.

You can buy any of these replacements from spa chemicals to spa filters online, or you can go to your local hardware store. With everything functioning healthily and efficiently, your spa quip can return to its intended state, and you can return to the comfort and peaceful state of relaxation that only it can provide.