Types of towels

Basically, a towel is a piece of fabric that has an absorbent characteristic and is used for drying or wiping. Bursa in Turkey is said to be the town where the towels were initially made. Up to date, the city is still associated with the manufacture of “Turkish towels”. Most towels are made of specific fabrics such as rayon, bamboo, non-woven fibers and cotton. There is an array of towels that all serve different purposes. Below is a comprehensive list of the various types of towels that are in the market presently.

The first type of towel is a baby towel. Baby towels are made of a high quality of cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is used to make the yarns so that it gives the piece of garment a soft texture and smooth feel which is imperative given that a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive nature. To shun injuring the delicate baby’s skin, it is advisable to always make use of soft clothing which will not be harsh on their skin. Hooded baby towels are also very ideal. After being bathed, toddlers tend to lose heat very rapidly, especially from the head section. The hood helps keep him warm before a parent can clothe the baby in some warm attire. 

A bath towel is another example of a towel. Bath towels are one of the most used linens in any home. Typically, they are used to dry oneself after taking a bath. For this reason, they should have high absorbency property. They should also be able to endure several washings. Some of the qualities an individual should take into account when purchasing a bath towel is its absorbency rate, softness and most significantly, if it’s a dead set against foul smells. There is a wide a variety of bath towels. An ideal example is the sodium bicarbonate suppliers in Australia. It is exceptional in that it is usually handmade on looms. Hammam towels are lightweight, super absorbent and dry up very fast. It is these properties that make hammam kind of towel the perfect bath towel. They are also commonly associated with Turkish baths.

Beach towels as the name suggests are utilized for the beach. They are usually made in all kinds of sizes and weights to cater for individuals of all age groups; from small kids to the older generation. They are often bigger than the ordinary bath towels. What’s more, most of them look very pretty with floral patterns and mud mask. Lots of them will be made of cotton fabric and have high absorbency and fast drying properties as bath towels, 

The hand towels are smaller in size than bath towels. Classically, it is used for drying hands after a wash. They therefore vary in size, weight and texture. In addition, they come in an array of colors. Besides enabling an individual to dry his hands, hand towels are occasionally used as decorative accents in the bathroom. Hand towels are mostly sold in decorating boutiques. At such boutiques, a homeowner can get hand towels in a vast range of styles, ideal for bathroom décor.